Providing For The Future Generation


Our organization has been serving Miami, FL for over a decade. Our mission is to support the members of our community in their time of need, and work towards a greater good. We are tireless in our effort to improve our community through education, restoration of family unity and spiritual and cultural awareness. 
Our non-profit organization serves people of all races, creeds, and religions. We merely support our fellow citizens.

Priority One Coalition is not a religious organization but we are a diversity of various cultural and ethnic spiritual philosophies, education and on hands guidance in multiple professional skills. We also provide access to information that will assist in our motivational lectures that's done by our spiritual and holistic practitioners who believe that all individuals must be empowered and health conscious.

Our work is based on the concept that spiritual development and the discipline of the mind. Everyone learns to recognize and acknowledge their life's potential and purpose. When an individual is given constructive guidance that person or child is empowered to control and knowledgeable to the events in his/her daily living and will ultimately make valuable contributions to the world.. We are, therefore, teachers dedicated to educating the knowledge of living life to its greatest achievement. priority one also engages in numerous community and family empowering based activities.

Some of these activities provides on hands training in various self sustaining skills in preparation for employment world wide. Priority one inspires education and sponsors annual family enrichment activities in various locations along with multi-cultural events.

In our efforts to provide the development of spiritual consciousness and embracing spiritual identity and identifying and clearing unconscious or non-productive thought and behavior for those who have been incarcerated or involved with past legal matters enabling them to become viable citizens in their communities. In our mission in developing spiritual consciousness, educating in knowing self, cultural awareness and strengthening the family unit. with these factors in place, we are confident that our endeavors will build a better and brighter tomorrow.

Our Vision

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Priority One Coalition with its endeavors is fortunate to have the support from our wonderful community. Your donation and volunteers efforts make a profound impact in many lives.

Listed below are ways you can help. Whether volunteering, participating in a fundraising event, or making a donation.

Your support is greatly appreciated. You can donate through Paypal, money orders or checks payable to Priority One Coalition.